How Many Images Can I Have on a Web Hosting Account?

The number of images that can be uploaded depends largely on the size and the quality of the website images. The image host will restrict either the maximum image size to be accepted or the maximum space and bandwidth each user is allowed. Bandwidths can be costly, but there are some free services available that also offer a fair size limit per image.The host will store the image onto the server and then display codes to allow others to view them.

Free Image Hosting

Any website images host work to allow you to upload your favourite images from your computer and then go on to share them on your chosen social media site via an exclusive URL provided. Many have apps too so that it can be done by any mobile device. The image hosts are great for uploading videos and GIFs too, they work quickly and ensure that the maximum quality is preserved.

Web hosting accounts can be used for several different needs, and if you need one please check out for coupon codes hosting first! They are great for the backing up of images from your computer or mobile device and even if you like to edit your photos or organise them into albums so that they are easily located later. Then there are the hosts that allow social networking with any other photographer and give you the opportunity to sell your photos to an interested buyer.

Purchasing A Web Hosting Account

Whilst many image hosts are free and with no need to register, most of them are sustained by advertisements. Having advertisements be shown has allowed hosts to offer their users bigger (more) website images and increased bandwidth limits. At some of the free hosts, you will find there is an option to use certain functions if you make a payment for them, whereas other hosts only offer paid services.

Paid services let their users protect their website images with a password and let you personalise the skins and subdomains shown on screen. Different package options are available with a paid service, all at different costs. If you pay for your web host, then the features and storage availability are normally better and either way, it still costs a lot less than if you were to purchase web hosting to run the website for you.

Website Images Easily Uploaded And Shared To Your Chosen Site

Safe Image Hosting

Back up all the images you have saved on your computer or mobile device making them easily accessible and free to share with your favourite social media website. Collate your photos into labelled albums and protect them with a password so that only you can see them unless you chose to share. At some hosts, there is an option to create an independent portfolio and exhibit your best work but without the usual comments or ratings from others.

If you want to learn more about the different web hosting companies, you can read online reviews at in order to make an informed & smart choice.